Consultancy Experience

Shown below are a small sample of Malcolm Prowle’s extensive consultancy experience:
Strategy and Business Planning

  • World Health Organisation – part of a team devising preventative health strategies for central and eastern Europe
  • Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospitals NHS Trust – undertook a strategic review of the private patient activity in the Trust
  • Department of Health – seconded to the department to work on the independent sector procurement project for diagnostic services
  • Blood products Ltd – undertook a strategic review of the potential for certain blood product prior to them being brought to market
  • South Birmingham Acute NHS Trust - undertook a strategic review of the future of the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and the strategy for orthopaedic services in the West Midlands
  • Newcastle University – assisted with the development of a business plan for the university and with its bid for funding under the restructuring and collaboration fund.
  • DCLG – undertook a review of the potential scope for efficiency savings in the local government sector prior to the next CSR
  • HEFCE - part of a team developing strategies to improve the position of UK veterinary science research. Undertook extensive work on establishing the costs of veterinary science research
Financial Management
  • UCAS Ltd  – advised on the development of a system of activity based costing
  • South Wales Fire Authority – advised on the development and analysis of options for a new training school involving a private/public partnership.
  • Swansea NHS Trust – undertook a critical study of the budgetary arrangements in the Trust and the potential for further delegation. Also studied was the link between budgeting and strategic development.
  • Chichester NHS Trust - advised on the viability of private finance options for a major capital development
  • Royal Hull NHS Trust - led a team reviewing the causes of a large financial deficit and the organisation of the finance department in the Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust - assisted with preparation of the business plan and with the development of the business planning process.
  • Teacher Training Agency – undertook a review of the Institute of Education and its case for additional specialist premium funding
  • Middlesex University – undertook a review of the university budgets for 2001/02 and assessed the likelihood of the budgetary position being achieved.
  • Coventry University – undertook a strategic review of the costs of language provision in the University.
Performance Management and Improvement
  • University of Bath – undertook a review of the chemistry department leading to the identification of means of reducing its financial deficit
  • Royal United Hospital Trust Bath - undertook a benchmarking exercise with the aim of improving operational performance.
  • Glan Hafren NHS Trust - undertook a review of the current performance a future arrangements of the sterile supplies department in this major NHS Trust
  • Severn Community NHS Trust - reviewed the efficiency and performance of the works and estates functions and made recommendations for the reorganisation of the works and estates functions.
  • Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Trust - part of a team undertaking a strategic space utilisation review of the hospital
  • Southampton University – undertook a review of the use of direct labour with regard to estates maintenance and minor works.
  • Oxford Brookes University – evaluated proposals to alter the cleaning and caretaking services in the university.
  • Blaenau Gwent CBC – undertook a review of value for money in relation to children’s services
  • Caerphilly Borough Council – undertook a VFM review of financial services
Financial and economic evaluation
  • Welsh Development Agency – economic evaluation of the Amman Gwendraeth development partnership
  • Welsh Development Agency – economic evaluation of proposals to develop a TV broadcasting facility
  • West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive - led a team which undertook a financial/economic evaluation of the proposed tram system for the West Midlands
  • Healthcare Commission – part of team undertaking a large scale evaluation of the work of the HCC. Special responsibility for the economic evaluation aspects of the study.
  • FEFC – evaluation of the costs and benefits of merger in the FE sector
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) - part of a team evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the bicommunal programme in Cyprus. This involved an evaluation of various health projects.
  • DfID/ Government of India – evaluation of capacity to undertake the district primary education project
Organisational Development and Change Management
  • BT – part of team operating change management programmes in the finance function consequent on privatisation
  • Birmingham City Council – provided assistance with the conversion of an existing public agency into a commercially based organisation.
  • Frenchay NHS Trust – assessed the organisation for the likelihood of it being awarded Investors in People status and remedial actions required.
  • Royal Ordnance Factories – assisted with the privatisation of ROFs.
Decision Support Modelling
  • University Hospital of Wales -  development of a simulation model designed to assess the capacity constraints of  the existing cardiac unit and how those capacity constraints could be relieved.
  • Various mental health hospitals -  development of a complex model designed to evaluate the impact on beds, staffing and finance of strategic options concerned with the transfer of patients from institutional to community care..
  • DOH -  development of a strategic demand assessment model. This model utilised multiple regression analysis to identify the primary factors determining demand for hospital services. It then enabled projections to be made of service demand in the light of external changes.
  • DOH - development of an input-output model designed to project the health impact of particular health promotion programmes.
  • Bexley Health - development of a resource allocation model to facilitate the allocation of funds to GP fund-holders
  • NHS Blood Authority – development of a financial model designed to support a business plan to take a new blood product to market.