External Appointments

Has held the following external positions:

  • Member of  the Global Public Sector Forum of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Member of the Financial Management Panel of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA)
  • Member of Institute of Welsh Affairs policy group on health services 2006-07
  • Founder member of the Anti-rationing Group (ARG) on health services 1995-97
  • Special adviser to Shadow Secretary of State for Health 1984-86 and 1993-95
  • Member of Academic Assessment Committee (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) 1990-94
  • Financial adviser to the House of Commons Health Select Committee 1990-92
  • Consultant to the World Health Organisation 1990-91
  • Board member of Kidderminster Health Authority 1982-84
Has also held the following visiting academic positions
  • Visiting Professor: Nottingham Business School 2005-
  • Visiting Professor: Open University Business School 2004-
  • Visiting Senior Research Fellow: University of Wales College of Medicine 1994-1998
  • Visiting Senior Associate,: School for Advanced Urban Studies, University of Bristol 1992-94
  • Visiting Lecturer: University of Aston 1985-87
Has also presented papers to events organised by:
  • Health Academy Wales 2007 – presented a paper on performance benchmarking and improvement among NHS Trusts
  • Society of  London Borough Treasurers 2007 – presented paper on shared services and outsourcing in local government to a meeting of the Society
  • “Government” of Kosovo 2006 – presentation to “Ministers” and senior health officials on K health policy and the role of the private sector in health as part of a study tour organised by HLSP Mott McDonald
  • Public Administration Committee Conference 2006 – presented a paper on the managerial competencies needed in local government partnerships
  • Open University Business School 2006 – presented a paper on methodologies for evaluating the PFI policy
  • UK Public Health Alliance Conference 2005 – presented a paper on community development in health
  • CIBA Foundation/Kings Fund 1997 – debate organised by CIBA Foundation and Kings Fund. Together with Professor Colin Roberts he argued the case against the need for health care rationing in the UK
  • Government Accounting Service Conference 1995 – presented a paper on the changing role and organisation of the finance function in public sector organisations.
  • Institute of Personnel and Development 1993 – presented a paper on the development of performance related pay in the public sector and its financial implications at the IPD regional conference
  • CBI – presented a paper on public procurement and the role of the PFI
  • British Medical Association - presented paper on the development of clinical budgeting to the annual conference
  • Prime Ministers Policy Unit 1988 – presented a paper on improving efficiency in the public sector
  • Institute of Health Care Management 1987 – presented paper on the development of clinical budgeting at a regional conference in Birmingham.
  • Has presented papers at events organised by various UK accounting bodies (CIPFA, ACCA, CIMA)