International Experience

Malcolm Prowle has a significant degree of international experience in relation to public sector management. 
As a management consultant he has undertaken the following consultancy assignments:

  • ODA/Government of India – advised the UK Government on the capabilities of the State of Bengal to implement a large scale (UK funded) project to improve primary education in the State. This project involved constant contact with State Ministers and senior civil servants at the federal and state level.
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees - part of a team evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the bicommunal programme in Cyprus. Responsibility for the health and education aspects of the programme. This involved direct reporting to the US Ambassador in Cyprus
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees – advised on the establishment of a bi-communal centre for cardiac surgery in Cyprus
  • Brazilian National Audit Office (TCU) – assisted with the development of approaches to performance improvement of public services in Brazil
He has also undertaken study tours of public services in overseas countries as follows:
  • USA – he participated in an exchange programme in health service management sponsored by the Healthcare Financial Management Association
  • Sweden – he participated in a Ministerial exchange visit with the Government of Sweden
He has presented papers at overseas events as follows:
  • World Health Organisation (Vienna) 1990 - presented a paper on the funding and planning of health care at an international conference
  • Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) 1989 – presented a paper on the economic evaluation of approaches to preventative health care.
  • Institute of Public Administration (Dublin) 1983– presented a paper on the impact of public sector reforms in the United Kingdom.