Research Experience

Malcolm has led or participated in the following funded research projects 
  • 2009: The impact of an economic recession on business strategy and business planning (funded by CIMA)
  • 2009: The effectiveness of budgeting systems in NHS Trusts (funded by CIMA)
  • 2007: Comparative Governance Arrangements and Comparative Performance: A Qualitative and Quantitative Study (funded by the SDO of the Department of Health)
  • 2004-05: Public Finance in a Globalising World: Financing International Cooperation in Health (funded by UNDP 2005)
  • 2002-03 Outsourcing in the higher education sector:  A review of current practice (funded by KPMG 2004)
  • 1994: Identification of core competencies in the Welsh Workforce (Funded by the Institute of Welsh Affairs)
  • 1989: Development of health strategies for central and eastern Europe (funded by the World Health Organisation)
  • 1989: Identifying and evaluating the financial management implications of the Governments White Paper on NHS reforms (funded by ACCA )
  • 1988: Evaluation of the Heartbeat Wales no-smoking programme (funded by Health Promotion Wales)
  • 1985 Approaches to investment appraisal in the health sector (funded by ACCA and Hereford Health Authority)
  • 1982-84: Development of financial information systems in NHS hospitals (Funded by Birmingham Health Authority)
  • 1978 Management of financial resources n the NHS (funded by the Royal Commission on the NHS)
In addition, he has also led or participated in a number of other short and unfunded projects sponsored by various professional bodies such as CIPFA, HFMA etc.

His current research interests concern:-
  • The perceptions of businesses about the current economic recession and their likely strategic responses
  • The future of public services and public spending in the UK
  • Financial management and governance in public service organisations