Teaching and Training

Degree/Diploma level

  • University of Aston – MSc in public sector management (financial management)
  • University of Wales College of Medicine – Masters in Public Health (Financing Health Services)
  • University of Wales College of Medicine – MSc in Ageing and Society (Economics of ageing)
  • Nottingham Trent University – MPA degree (health service policy)
  • University of Glamorgan – Institute of Health Services Management (finance of health services)
Post experience courses and programmes
  • SAUS, University of Bristol – short courses on business planning for senior managers in the public sector. (with Professor Julian Le Grand)
  • Scottish Office – training programmes in NHS financial management for clinical directors in the Scottish NHS
  • ACCA and Quorum – short courses for senior managers on investment appraisal, market testing and business planning in the public sector
  • Various local authorities – delivered in-house training on business planning to senior managers
  • Various NHS Trusts – delivered in-house training on financial management to senior managers
  • HEFCE – delivered training courses on costing and pricing to HE senior managers and academics